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How to care


project bon's work is mainly crafted with gold plated brass metal.

These metals allow for a natural tarnish to develop when exposed to air, oil and dirt. With common wear, plating usually wears off.

To maintain your plating for longer, avoid water, don't clean with chemicals, only wipe with a cotton cloth and avoid spraying perfume on jewelry.

For tarnished necklaces chain, you can try the following methods:

  • give a bath in lemon juice extract/baking soda and water mixture, leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse gently

  • brush with toothpaste and wash gently


project bon reserves the right to make minor design changes, alter dimensions, and modify materials as necessary without notice.

Items may vary slightly from listed information as, again every piece is handmade. Slight variations in size and/or color do not indicate defects, are not considered flaws, and are the trademark of handmade products.

We embrace artisan work and appreciate your support to our small business.